Oct. 8th, 2010

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1. Username/nickname(s) - Noizchild
2. Favorite Yami character - I like all the Shinigami (I haven't read the manga yet.)
3. Have you written any fanfiction? Y-E-S!!!
...Titles/URLs  http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/src.php/u/80231
4. Have you done any fanart? No
5. Favorite fanart/fanfics? Anything I feel like.

Now, a little Tsuzuki centric:

1. Favorite Tsuzuki pairing?: Does my fanfic pairing count?
2. Favorite Tsuzuki moment (in the anime/manga)?: I like anything his does in the anime. (Haven't fully read the manga yet.)
3. Puppy-Tsuzuki: the most adorable thing, simple comic relief or something else?: Beginning of episode seven
4. Tsuzuki + Sweets: Why do you think he really eats them all?:  Who wouldn't?

5. Tsuzuki has so many sides to him, from happy-go-lucky to angsty. Which side do you think is the "real" him and why?: Both, people aren't one-denominational.

And now, more general questions:

1. How do you think Tsuzuki ended up in Muraki's hospital (We're talking about what happened to him back when he was alive)? Nowhere to go, I guess.
2. What is the main thing/feature that drew you to Tsuzuki? All of him.
3. Tsuzuki has a variety of outfits he wears throughout the manga/anime. What outfit did you like best on him? It all looks good on him.
4. If you could ask Matsushita Yoko to clear up one thing about Tsuzuki, wheither it's his past, who he belongs with, or to even why he eats sweets so much, what would that be? Whoa, I don't know where to start on that one.
5. If you ever met Tsuzuki face to face, how would you react? I wouldn't have one.


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